Gearing Up Your City Dog – 10 Must-have Products

So, you have decided to get a puppy or a dog. That is excellent! Though this is an exciting time for you, it is also a crucial one. You are ready to bring home a fluffball, but is your home ready? Are you confused what items will you be needing? There are several things you will need to take good care of your four-legged friend, from food to cute accessories.

Living in an urban city is different and the environment here is also different. The cities are filled with thousands of people, there are numerous rules and regulations to adhere to in the areas and parks. For instance, when you are talking your Fido for a walk, you need to make sure you have a leash. It is not only for their safety but for the safety and security of others as well.

Since people have to work in the city to maintain a lifestyle, living their pups at home alone is the only option. For them, it is necessary to get a crate or monitoring device. If you want to make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed in your home, you need to get some essential items to make their transitioning phase easy.

Choosing the right product for your pooch is a daunting and confusing task. This is because there are hundreds of products to choose from. When you walk into a pet boutique can find a wide range of products, from premium foods and treats to a variety of toys and clothing.

To make it easy for you, I have listed some of the must-have products. Have a look!


Top 10 Must-Have Products For Urban Dog Owners

Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses

One of the most important products that you should have before your puppy arrives is leash and collar. In an urban environment, owners are not allowed to take their dog out without a leash and collar. There are several places where your pup can roam without a leash such as dog parks, but they must be on a leash everywhere else. This is to ensure the safety of your canine and others. It is also essential to have a name tag and address on the collar, in case your friend gets lost.

You can a broad collection of collars on the market, I will advise you to get a flea protective collar. This is to make sure your pet is protected from parasites present in different areas. Various types of harnesses, leashes, and collars are available, you can choose the one that you like the best.


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Pet Carriers and Crates

Most owners leave their four-legged friend at home to protect their apartment. Since everyone is working in the city, pets are left alone in the apartment because they can’t take them to work. In case you have to travel out of the city or country, and you can’t leave your pet with anyone. What can you do? You can take your puppy with you if you have a crate or carrier. While some agencies won’t allow it, there are some that permit you to take your canine with you on a condition. The dog must be properly locked in a crate or carrier.

When you are buying a carrier or crate, you have to make sure it is spacious and comfortable for your friend.


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Water Bottles and Dog Treat Pouches

When you are taking your dog for a walk on the streets of for playing in the park, the most important things you need to have are treats bag and water bottle. Your furry friend might get thirsty during play time and you don’t want them sharing water bowls with other dogs.

So, it is crucial to have a water bottle with you. Moreover, treats are good for rewarding them for good behavior. You can even use it on public transport or when traveling to grab their attention.


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Grooming Care Products

There are many grooming products that you should have at home. This is to ensure your pooch is healthy and clean. Some of the things you must have include:

  • Teeth brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Shampoo
  • Brushes

When your puppy will grow up you might consider visiting a grooming salon also.

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Pet Odor and Stain Remover

Since there is a lack of outdoor space, you will have a problem of odor and stains on your furniture. Though you will get used to the odor, your guests might not be used to the smell or stain. This is why it is important for you to have an efficient, enzymatic, and good-smelling odor cleaner and carpet stain removal.

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Pet Cams and Monitors

Leaving your puppy behind is extremely difficult, but you can’t take them everywhere. To make sure they are safe, you must invest in a good monitor, GPS tracker, and pet cam. In this way, you can rest assured that your fluffball is safe and you can keep a track of their activities.

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Beds are also an essential item as you want to make sure your pup has a good night’s sleep and rests well.

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Dog Boots

For protecting the paws of your Fido, you will need dog boots. The boots will even protect your four-legged from sharp objects and glass on the pavements. They will prevent injuries and cuts. The boots will even protect from snow, salt, and hot asphalt. Additionally, you can even invest in a good paw protective wax, so your canine friend can walk and plat without getting hurt.

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Dog Bowls

Another must-have product is a dog bowl. This is crucial to have because you will be feeding food to your fluff ball in it. It is the reason you need to pay special attention to it. The bowl must be easy to clean and durable along with being stable in one place. There are various bowls available on the market, you can even get an automated one to rest assured that your pup will have food when you are not around.

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Litter and Housetraining

Potty training is extremely important for urban pet owners. This is because they don’t have any outdoor space to go, so a litter box is imperative. For training the dog, you will need housetraining pads. When you take your pet outside for whatever reason, you will need waste bags to clean up after your friend.

Bottom Line

Therefore, everyone knows taking care of and providing essential items to your dog is expensive. On average, it can cost you between $150 to $500 if you wisely choose the products. Otherwise, it probably will cost a lot. If you want to get the best of everything for your fluffball, you should check our product reviews to get the best products recommended by our experts.

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