About Us

Welcome to Moyamalla, a blog dedicated to urban dog parents.

Let’s admit it: there is nothing better than coming home and finding your beloved 4-pawed friend waiting for you, right? But sometimes, a busy schedule doesn’t allow us to spend enough quality time with our pooches.

It’s not a secret that living in a metropolitan area can be quite challenging for dog owners. Mainly during the week, when work and everyday tasks fill up our schedule.

Nevertheless, tail wagging and jumping for joy are the things that always make our day, when we return home tired. These are the feelings only dog owners can understand.

For this reason, I decided to create this blog to help you a busy pet parent, in a way to get some of the best care advice for the beloved. Furthermore, thanks to my team’s expertise, you’ll discover many valuable tips to follow.

From choosing the reputable pet sitters, selecting the right breed for apartment living, including the honest product reviews, our blog will leave nothing uncovered. Thanks to the precious content and useful information, you’ll be able to enjoy much more the city life and build a better relationship with your wonderful dog. Follow us and join our amazing journey!

Lucas Morgan with the team.

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